Value Fit

Our global solution strategy allows us to offer the following competitive advantages:

  • Rates associated with offshore call centers
  • Customized solution that integrates with existing protocols and systems
  • Staffing hours that allow for 24/7 coverage, if needed (including nights/weekends/holidays)
  • Phones staffed by RNs with bachelor’s degrees who understand healthcare/medical terminology
  • Global solution with all English-speaking staff who understand U.S. culture
  • Policies that are compliant with industry regulations
  • A variety of business process outsource (BPO) services
  • Staff who are tech savvy

We work directly with our clients to develop solutions that meet their organizations’ goals and although these may vary from company to company, the key outcomes remain consistent:

  • Lower costs through supplemental or fully outsourced services
  • Direct access to services (not through a broker/middleman)
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Eliminate risks associated with employees (turnover, low productivity, claims, sick time)
  • Eliminate training expense
  • Eliminate recruitment and headhunter expenses
  • Free up HR resources to focus on higher return work

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