Marty Ostendorf

Marty began his career in the publishing and printing service industry in 1974 when he went to work for Maryland Composition (MD Comp). By the mid-1980s, Marty took over the operations of the company and then eventually all of the sales and marketing, which lead to a growth in services, revenue, and customer base. In 1995, Marty identified the threat of outsourced competition and started a global division of the company called Absolute Service Inc. (ASI). As a pioneer ahead of his time, Marty expanded the company’s service offerings and resourcing by helping to start and build a team in the Philippines. Based on this success, Marty became president of MD Comp in 1996. In 1999, MD Comp was acquired by Consolidated Graphics (CGX). Marty was instrumental in this strategic sale and he stayed on for 8 years as a division president, providing insight for other division presidents and continuing to grow MD Comp within the CGX family.

In 2007, Marty stepped down as president of MD Comp and purchased ASI. With a renewed focus on growth, he more than tripled the sales and revenue to date, while also doubling the size of the team/resources and posting record profit margins for the company. In 2011, Absolute Service received the Employer Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) award from the president of the Philippines, recognizing ASI as one of the top employers in all of the Philippines. It was also during this time that Marty recognized the abundance of skilled nursing resources within the Philippines. Pairing these available nurses with his publishing resources, he helped ASI became a leader in editorial and publishing services for the healthcare and educational publishing market.

Based on this success, Marty looked for ways to expand the services and vast resource pool of nurses and medical professionals in the Philippines. In 2012, Marty joined Tom Hudson and Kyle Richardson as cofounders of Caring One. With his vast experience in global strategies and sourcing, Marty was able to lead the effort in establishing Caring One’s first global solution in the Philippines. In addition to being responsible for the operations management and direct oversight of Caring One’s team in the Philippines, Marty also works with the management team for continued global growth and strategic positioning within the healthcare market.

Marty Ostendorf
Chief Executive Officer

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